Environmental and Social Commitments

Sperry Farms is proud of the positive changes it has made to its farming and management practices over the years.  On the farm, we use water saving micro sprinklers on all of our ranches and use a wide range of data and infield technologies to ensure that water use is managed properly.  


We also incorporate many Regenerative Farming practices on to all of our orchards.   The use of compost fertilizers, compost teas, pollinator friendly cover crops and the shredding of all pruning wastes are both sustainable and beneficial to soil health.  We also take the time to always evaluate our spraying/ chemical needs, and through proper timing and alternative field practices, have minimized our use of commercial fertilizers and chemicals.  Sperry Farms has taken a leadership role in our industry, and is helping set the standard for both socially and environmental conscious farming.

Sperry Farms is also proud of its work force and its commitment to community.  All Sperry Farms employees receive paid time off and can participate in a 401K retirement plan.  Benefits that are not common place in our industry.  In addition to our responsibility to our employees, Sperry Farms also makes numerous donations into the communities that we farm and reside in.