Organic and Regenerative Farming

Sperry Farms is excited to announce that it is working with Quality Assurance International (QAI), an independent third party organic certifier, to obtain Organic Certification at our 125 acre Roberts Ferry Ranch. Started in July of 2019, Sperry Farms has continue to expand it’s farming education and company culture to include Organic Farming. Sperry Farms Certified Organic Almonds will be available in the Fall of 2022.

Sperry Farms has further expanded the use of Regenerative Farming practices at it’s Roberts Ferry Organic orchard to also include the following: Using fertilizers derived from only natural sources, not using any synthetic pesticides or herbicides, application of soil building compost teas, and planting seasonal cover crops to promote both soil health as well as pollinator health and habitat. In addition to these practices, permanent flowering Hedgerow Plants were also planted on the orchards periphery to help establish year around forage for pollinators as well and improve habitat for beneficial insects.

Sperry Farms is committed to farming for the future and realizes that working in synergy with nature is in the best interest of both our local community as well as our local ecosystem.