Philanthropy Outreach

In 2015, Sperry Farms started a philanthropy division of our company called “FARM to KIDS”.  The purpose and mission for FARM to KIDS is encompassed in two main focuses.  The first being almond donations that we make to children in need.  


These donations are made directly to child based organizations in behalf of either Sperry Farms or individuals or companies that support FARM to KIDS.   Individuals can support FARM to KIDS by purchasing almonds directly through the website,, where for every pound of almonds sold, FARM to KIDS will donate one pound of almonds to children in need.  

The second main focus in based on education outreach.  FARM to KIDS speaks to children about the importance of healthy living and living an active lifestyle.  Both focuses are truly complementary and each has showed positive impacts when addressing the issues concerning access to nutritious foods and the rise of childhood obesity that currently faces the youth in all our communities.

The community has embraced this concept, which has helped put almonds in the hands of hundreds of children across the country.  Please visit the FARM to KIDS website to find out more about this transformational project.