Who We Are

Sperry Farms is a family run almond ranch, founded in 1974.  Located in the rolling hills of the Northern San Joaquin Valley, our farms are within miles of the Tuolumne and Merced Rivers, in both Stanislaus and Merced Counties of California.  

For over 40 years, Sperry Farms has farmed these fertile soils of the San Joaquin Valley.  During this time, the farm has strived to bring high quality almonds to the marketplace, while maintaining a deep respect for both the employees that work our fields and for the land we are so privileged to farm.

Sperry Farms is a family owned and operated company, comprised of Wes Sperry (CEO) and Brian Wahlbrink (CFO).  Founded by Jeff Sperry in 1974, the family farm has adapted through the years, with new farming practices and technologies, but the core ideal of producing health and quality almonds is still at the companies foundation.  Working under Wes and Brian, are the ranch managers, mechanics, field foreman, irrigators, and equipment drivers that help care for orchards health and productivity.  It is these workers that help bring to market 9 different varieties of almonds.  Almonds that are appreciated by consumers all over the world.