Social Commitments

Sperry Farms is also proud of its work force and its commitment to community.  All Sperry Farms employees receive paid time off, seasonal bonuses, and 401K retirement.  With happy and motivated employees, we have worked to foster a working environment that values the hard work and attention to detail our workers put into their work.  

In 2015, Sperry Farms started a philanthropy division of our company called “FARM to KIDS”.  The purpose and mission for FARM to KIDS was encompassed in two main focuses.  The first being almond donations that we make to children in need.  These donations are made directly to child based organizations in behalf of either Sperry Farms or individuals or companies that support FARM to KIDS.  The second focus was based on education outreach and speaking to children about the importance of healthy living and living an active lifestyle.  Both focuses are truly complementary and each has showed positive impacts when addressing the issues concerning access to nutritious foods and the rise of childhood obesity that currently faces the youth in all our communities. 

Due to the challenges of donating nut products into the public school system, the program has since been put on hold, but we continue to help educate students and consumers alike, at various school or speaking engagements. 

Sperry Farms has also made numerous donations into the communities that the owners and employees reside in.  Giving back has always been a core value.